6 people dead since the beginning of the year in Ouargla

Algeria – Six people died following the envenomation of scorpions from the beginning of 2018 to August 31, in the wilaya of Ouargla where a total of more than 1,729 bites of scorpions were recorded, indicated the Department of Health, Population and Hospital Reform (DSPRH).

The number of cases of scorpion stings has declined in recent years, thanks to the preventive measures based mainly on the awareness of the dangers of this insect, said to the APS the head of the service of prevention Dr. Djamel Mameri

No less than 2,524 scorpion stings and seven (7) deaths were recorded last year against 2,772 bites that also caused seven (7) deaths in 2016, he detailed.

All the necessary means are mobilized to ensure good medical care of victims of scorpion stings in all health facilities in the wilaya, he assured.

The health department is working to intensify its efforts in collaboration with the various stakeholders, including the wilaya, municipalities, the environment and local associations to raise awareness of the citizen who is a "Main partner" in these prevention initiatives, added this manager.

In this context, preventive measures have been implemented since last May under the implementation of the national prevention program against scorpion envenomation, including the elimination of wild dumps which often represent foci. proliferation of scorpions, he said.

The same official called on this occasion, to avoid traditional scorpion sting treatment practices, emphasizing the importance of rapid evacuation of the victim to the nearest health facility to ensure better medical management


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