62 confirmed cases and 62 other negative ones (Health)

Algeria – The Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform reported today, Wednesday, August 29, 2018, that 62 cholera cases have been confirmed and 62 others are negative on the 173 cases hospitalized since August 7.

The same source notes, in addition, that "all patients are treated at the EHS El Kettar and EPH Boufarik" and that "85 cases were put out", ensuring that cases remaining hospitalized "evolve favorably".

The Ministry of Health wishes to recall, at the same time, the main measures to stem the spread of the disease, namely the careful washing of hands with soap and clean water several times a day , especially before contact with a food, before each meal and after the use of the toilet, washing vegetables and fruit before consumption and boiling and bleaching the storage water prior to its use.

The same source recalls that in cases of diarrhea and vomiting, it is imperative to present in a health facility closest to rehydrate by taking enough water and oral rehydration salts ( ORS).


شارك هاذا المقال !

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