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80%! The unbearable humidity rate that hits the Algerian coast! What to do?

Algeria – 80% humidity. This is the rate recorded by humidity in most coastal cities of the country. These are caused by high temperatures that cause discomfort

Thus, specialists explain that in hot weather, our body must maintain its internal temperature at 37 ° C. For this, our body produces sweat that is accompanied by evaporation on the surface of the skin leading to a refresh.

When there is a lot of moisture in the air, the sweat does not evaporate as quickly. Evaporation stops even completely when the relative humidity reaches 90%. In this case, the body temperature increases and causes a feeling of discomfort.

What to do?

Faced with this situation, these same specialists recommend a certain number of good things to do to avoid sweating too much in case of heat.

– Avoid drinking too hot or too cold, drink drinks at room temperature

– Compensate with a fan or fan.

– Wear loose clothing and natural fiber

– Wear open shoes

– Take several cold showers a day.

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