a device for the management of serious cases from next week

Algeria – The Director of Prevention and Health Promotion at the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Dr. Djamel Fourar, announced Saturday the establishment, as early as next week, of a device for the treatment of severe cases of seasonal influenza at the level of hospitals in the country.

A device for the management of severe and complicated cases of seasonal influenza, particularly in the elderly, pregnant women and the chronically ill will be set up next week at the level of hospitals, said Dr. Fourar during an awareness campaign, organized in coordination with the Institut Pasteur and the National Institute of Public Health, at the Ardis shopping center.

The success of the campaign last year has led the Ministry of Health to renew the experience by accompanying this time, recreational activities for the benefit of children to attract a greater number of citizens, he said adding that this awareness campaign will be generalized to other major wilayas of the country.

This year, the Institut Pasteur imported 2.5 million doses of influenza vaccine, of which 1.3 million doses were distributed to hospitals, public health institutions (EPSP) and the rest to government ministries. sovereignty, he recalled.

The seasonal flu killed 26 people in 2017 and 23 more in 2016, most of them chronic diseases and 12% of pregnant women.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), between 3 and 5 million serious cases of seasonal influenza are recorded worldwide, making more than 650,000 deaths a year.

Remember that the flu vaccine is free for the elderly, pregnant women and people with chronic diseases in hospitals, public health institutions (EPSP) and pharmacies.


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