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A healthy diet but not for everyone: science gives its answer

We do not grow enough fruits and vegetables to provide a healthy diet for everyone on the blue planet, Canadian scientists said after conducting a comprehensive study on the subject.

Canadian experts at the University of Guelph are interested in whether the amount of fruit and vegetables grown today is enough to provide everyone with the opportunity to eat a healthy diet, says Phys. org.

Scientists compared the amount of fruit and vegetables needed for a healthy diet, recommended to be fit, with the amount produced by the agricultural sector, and in doing so they found a considerable gap between the two. For example, they found that the food industry produces excessive amounts of wheat and products with high levels of fat or glucose. At the same time, the production of protein-rich fruits, vegetables and produce does not cover the needs of the entire world population.

Based on the recommendations, an individual's diet should consist of 50% fruit and vegetables, 25% whole wheat, and the remaining 25% are for protein, fat and products. dairy.

Specialists have calculated how much agricultural land would be needed to cover the needs of all the inhabitants of the blue planet. They adjusted this parameter to an estimated population of 9.8 billion around 2050.

The results obtained showed that at present, 12 parts of wheat are produced for each individual instead of the eight that are recommended. On the other hand, 5 parts of fruit and vegetables are produced instead of 15, and three parts of protein-rich food instead of five.

According to specialists, the changes to be made in the agricultural industry to bring it into line with dietary recommendations would imply the reduction of agricultural land by 50 million hectares.


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