A new danger of lack of sleep for children highlighted

A child who does not sleep enough has poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, which puts him at risk for obesity. Here is one of the conclusions reached by scientists who have studied the consequences of lack of sleep on child health.

A group of researchers at Rutgers University in the United States confirmed that lack of sleep has adverse effects on children's health, reads MedicalXpress Portal.

The experiment brought together more than 177,000 minors aged 8 to 17 years. Given that children under 12 years of age must sleep at least 9 hours and adolescents not less than 8 hours in a 24-hour period, 40% of young people in this study said they did not get enough sleep.

As the researchers have shown, sleep below the standard is dangerous habits, including the refusal to eat breakfast and eating healthy products, while the appetite for sweet products and fastfood increases. In addition, because of lack of sleep, young people give up an active lifestyle and move less and less.

All of these bad habits ultimately lead to overweight and obesity, the researchers conclude.


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