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A substance capable of lulling cancer cells invented

A substance that would "sleep" cancer cells was invented by Australian scientists. They are now creating a drug based on this discovery that will be used in oncology treatments.

Australian scientists have announced that they have invented a new substance that can neutralize cancer cells. They published their study in the journal Nature.

According to the researchers, the new substance interacts with the proteins KAT6A and KATB6, which play an essential role in the development of cancer cells.

In order to prove their discovery, the scientists conducted tests on laboratory mice suffering from blood cancer. According to the results, the lifespan of these animals has increased fourfold thanks to the suppression of these proteins by the new substance. The latter also prevented the division and spread of cancer cells, without damaging the DNA of healthy cells.

The most common methods currently used to treat cancer are chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which in fact causes serious damage to healthy cells, which causes hair loss, reduced immunity in patients, and as infertility.

"The new substance simply robs cancer cells of the ability to start the cell cycle. Technically, this is called cell aging. The cells do not die but they are no longer able to divide and multiply. Thus, cancer cells "fall asleep" forever, "said Professor Anne Voss who participated in the study.

Currently, scientists are developing a drug based on the discovered substance. They assume that it may be particularly useful during post-remission treatment following first-line treatment of oncological diseases.

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