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At least one person hospitalized daily for bronchial cancer or lungs

Algeria – A person "at least" is hospitalized daily for bronchial cancer or lungs, said Thursday in Oran Prof. Salah Lellou, head of department of pneumology at the EHU of Oran.

"The rate of attack of bronchial cancers and lungs is clearly increasing in Oran and nationally. The statistical data are almost the same. These cancers are gaining more and more importance because of smoking and the lack of culture of early detection, "said this specialist at the APS, on the sidelines of the opening of the 8th International Congress of Pneumology of the EHU.

While pointing out that patients with cancer are becoming younger, "consequence of severe smoking," he said.

Prof. Lellou sounded the alarm about the seriousness of the situation. "Every day, we welcome a person with bronchial cancer and lungs to our department at EHU. These patients arrive, unfortunately, at a very advanced stage to the point where we can not operate and the use of chemotherapy is immediate, "he lamented.

The advanced stage in which the patients arrive calls out to specialists regarding the need to redouble efforts to raise awareness about early detection. "A glaring lack of information on the importance of early detection has been noted in most patients, which is why it is important to double the efforts for prevention and early diagnosis," said the specialist.

For him, the fight against smoking remains one of the most effective ways to cope with cancer. In this sense, he recalled that a smoking cessation support unit has been open for several years at the level of his department.

"This unit did a remarkable job. More than 20% of those who came for consultation and follow-up have definitely quit. Which is absolutely remarkable, "he said.

For his part, Professor Roger Escamilla, a pulmonologist at Toulouse University Hospital (France), told the press that "tobacco control should be intensified more intensively at the global level, to hope that treatments bronchial diseases are more effective and efficient. "

"Algeria is making a lot of efforts in the treatment of bronchial pathologies. There is a real desire to progress and cope with cancer through the various scientific events organized for the continuous training of doctors but also the permanent search for new treatments, "he said.

The same specialist emphasized the need to "multiply and intensify the work of sensitization and information on the danger of smoking and cancer on the health of populations."

Some 500 participants from various health facilities in the country took part in this 8th International Congress of Pneumology, which dealt with asthma, allergy and the Broncho Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

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