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Commissioning of a new medico-surgical clinic in Ouargla

Algeria – A new medical-surgical clinic, fruit of a private investment, was inaugurated Thursday in Ouargla by the authorities of the wilaya as part of the festivities marking the 64th anniversary of the outbreak of the revolution of November 1, 1954.

With a capacity of 38 beds, this health facility equipped with high-end medical equipment provides medical care and surgery related to various medical specialties, including Otorhinolaryngology and Cervico-facial surgery (ENT and CCF), ultrasound and CT, obstetrics and gynecology, digital radiology, and others, told the APS his manager.

"It is an added value for the specialized medical care in this wilaya of the south-east of the country, while helping to relieve patients of the constraints of expensive travel to distant health structures", said APS, Dr. Mohamed Kamel Abaza, specialist in ENT and initiator of the program of cochlear implants for the benefit of children with profound deafness in the wilaya

With regard to continuing education, the clinic, which has a conference room with a capacity of 140 places, will host medical meetings hosted by national and foreign practitioners with the aim of sharing their knowledge. to do and pool skills, he added.

Built on a plate with a total area of ​​almost 1.000m2 allocated as part of the promotion of investment in the Enna district sr (western periphery of the city), this health facility, closes several services medical (consultations, radiology, ultrasound, emergencies, hospitalization, analyzes, surgery, and others), according to its technical sheet.

Regarding the social impact, this project, which is supervised by a medical and paramedical staff and an administrative staff, has generated 124 direct job positions as well as other indirect jobs, in particular for the benefit of local workforce, said Dr. Mohamed Kamel Abbazi.

In order to boost the local development dynamic, the wali, from Ouargla Abdelkader Djellaoui emphasized, on the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony of this clinic, the importance of encouraging productive investment creating wealth and jobs in all sectors and improving the business environment, ensuring that the wilaya is working to eradicate all the persistent bureaucratic constraints and burdens on the ground, while ensuring a climate favorable to "true promoters" to make their projects a reality.


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