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Conflicting statements by officials … an epidemic more dangerous than cholera

Algeria_ This is an iceberg of paradoxical statements, Algerian officials from different sectors of the state, who we have witnessed since the outbreak of the cholera epidemic. Statements that have claimed more victims than the epidemic. In one day the Boufarik hospital received more than 500 people, following the panic that settled among the citizens.

After a deafening silence, the Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Mokhtar Hasbellaoui, promised to eliminate the epidemic, which affected six wilayas of the country, in three days at most. Words that were quickly denied by the services of his tutelage, in a statement the next day.

Another contradiction was also carried by the health director of the wilaya of Tipaza who denied that the source of Sidi El-Kebir, demolished by the local authorities, is at the origin of the spread of the cholera epidemic. Information that has been affirmed by the Ministry of Health, although several cases of cholera have been recorded in other wilayas !!!.

In addition, the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries, Abdelkader Bouazgui, came on the scene to deny the remarks made by the director of the Pasteur Institute, who suspected the irrigated fruits and vegetables by dirty water to be at the origin of the appearance of the epidemic of cholera, which made 161 victims, including two deaths. "Irrigation of fruits and vegetables has no connection with this disease," says Bouazgui.

For his part, the head of epidemiological service and preventive medicine, Chu Mustapha Bacha has blamed the appearance of this medieval disease lack of strategy and health policy and prevention. "Cholera did not fall from the sky," he said.

Statements that weaken, moreover, the credibility of state institutions that already suffer from lack of public trust.

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