Creation of a National Registry of Congenital Heart Malformations

Algeria – The Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Pr Merzak Ghernaout Revealed, Friday, the Creation of a National Register of Census and Management of Congenital Heart Malformations .

On the occasion of the 2nd international "heart of the child" seminar, Prof. Ghernaout indicated that the new national registry will help to identify all cases of congenital heart defects and help the public authorities to put an end to the deficit registered in this field and to take appropriate decisions to contain this disease.

The head of cardiac surgery at Constantine University Hospital, Prof Abdelmalek Bouzid, emphasized the importance of the management of congenital malformations in newborns, indicating that this international seminar will make it possible to take cognizance of latest developments in medicine concerning this disease and to improve its management.

The prevalence rate of this disease is 3 to 8 cases for every 1,000 live births per year in the world. In Algeria, 8,000 new cases are registered each year, including 3,000 urgent cases requiring care from birth.

The director of health and social action at the National Social Insurance Fund (CNAS), Merad Boudia said that the fund supports all cases registered at the national level to the specialized clinic Bousmaïl (Tipasa) in part of the operation of the third-party payer, the transfer of patients under the agreement with 23 clinics in the private sector and transfers of complex cases abroad.

The number of children who were cared for by the Fund in 2017 amounts to a total of 1993 cases, of which 893 in Bousmail's clinic, 1063 cases in private clinics and 33 other cases in the clinic. abroad.

Regarding the continuation of the work of Bousmail's clinic with the foreign medical teams who go there from time to time, to perform surgical procedures, the same interlocutor said that this operation "is very important" for the Fund and that "it would continue until the acquisition of the required experience, the transfer of technology, the support for the training of Algerian doctors and the realization of zero transfer of cases abroad . "

The Director General of the "IBNI" Foundation, Lies Kerrar, announced on occasion the project to create a hospital specialized in the surgery of congenital heart defects in children in Algiers, with a view to improve the management of this pathology, which remains, he added, "a burden for the Algerian society and state".

He stated in a framework that the expected goal of the organization of the 2nd edition of the International Seminar on the Management of Congenital Heart Malformation Surgery in Children is "to bring together as many as possible of pioneering experts in the field, to support this specialty in Algeria ", announcing in this regard, the forthcoming opening of a website to publish all communications in this specialty, so that doctors and students benefit from the experience of the countries participating in this meeting.

He also highlighted the importance of the new hospital center that will collaborate in partnership with several foreign hospitals, like the Chinese and Spanish companies, the Ministry of Higher Education, of the Ministry of Health and the National Social Insurance Fund (CNAS), with a view to "develop the management of this pathology and erect this center in a specialized institution of reference in Algeria".


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