Do not refreeze this food! (Benachenhou)

Algeria – Dr. Fethi Benachenhou, specialist in criminology warns Monday Ennahar TV against the "abusive" consumption of ice cream because of the amount of "sugar" they contain, but also against some common practices to "defrost" and "refreeze" this popular food in summer, in order to avoid multiple problems of "health".

Any food product that has been "defrosted" and then "refrozen" must "absolutely" not be consumed. The health risk is important from the moment when the cold chain is "broken", deplores, Dr. Benachenhou, during his speech on the subject this morning in a show on Ennahar TV.

When defrosting the bacteria woke up and multiplied even more than if the food had not been frozen. This is why refreshing and thawing food is very dangerous: the risk of intoxication is then increased, explains this specialist.

"Breaking the chain of cold can be a great danger to health, it can cause affect over time the liver and kidney," warned Dr. Benachenhou.

In the absence of health education, Algerians continue to consume ice cream at "scrupulous" traders who do not respect the conditions and standards of conservation. Some traders "dare to cut electricity at night for a matter of economy"! The ice cream machines are very dirty in Algeria! he still lamented.

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