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First declaration of Minister Hasbellaoui

Algeria – Three days after the confirmation of dozens of cases of cholera in Algeria, the Minister of Health, Mokhtar Hasbellaoui, breaks the silence and expresses himself on the situation.

In a statement made on Saturday evening to Ennahar TV, the Minister of Health says that the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, has given firm instructions for the rapid care of all those affected by the epidemic cholera. He asserts that President Bouteflika is following the evolution of this epidemic very closely and being kept informed of every detail.

Mokhtar Hasbellaoui says, moreover, that he will make a field visit tomorrow, Sunday, August 26, to visit including the hospital Boufarik, in the wilaya of Blida, where the largest number of people affected of cholera are hospitalized.

In addition, the Minister of Health reports a situation of panic and collective hysteria. In Tizi-Ouzou, for example, an alert was issued after the death of a lady, however, it turned out that she had no symptoms of cholera.

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