How to live longer? Scientists advise to practice this activity

A person who regularly plays tennis would gain ten years of life expectancy, because this sports activity also has a social aspect that is particularly important for the longevity of an individual, say scientists.

Experts have examined the question of the impact of sports activities on the longevity of individuals. After analyzing the effect of several sports on the human body, they found that playing tennis would increase life expectancy, reports The Daily Mail.

This hypothesis was verified on a sample of 8,600 people. The results showed that tennis players lived on average 9.7 years more than those who had never played sports.

In addition, those who play badminton earn 6.2 years and football players, five years more.

At the same time, sports activities that do not envisage any contact with others have proved less effective.

Cycling would only prolong life by 3.7 years, swimming 3.4 years and jogging 3.2 years.

For now, scientists do not know why tennis would have such a pronounced effect, however the results obtained allowed them to advance a new hypothesis: team sports activities not only put the body to the test but allow also to establish human contact, the social aspect being particularly important for longevity.


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