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It only takes a sleepless night to start gaining weight

It is not new to know that spending sleepless nights has a negative impact on the human body and leads to health problems. Nevertheless, Swedish experts have revealed another danger. According to their study, a sleepless night is enough to start gaining weight.

Swedish scientists at Uppsala University revealed that lack of sleep even though it was only a single night influenced muscle deficit and increased obesity, reports a study published on university site.

The specialists performed an experiment on a sample of 15 healthy volunteers. They studied the state of the body's tissues at the molecular level after a sleepless night.

Volunteers were invited to spend a day in a university laboratory. They were offered a normal meal and a night with eight hours of sleep. Then the researchers asked the volunteers not to sleep for a whole night.

Thereafter, specialists took samples from the tissues of the subcutaneous fat and muscles. A blood test was also requested.

The results obtained show that the lack of sleep causes the lipids to begin to accumulate while the muscles show the first signs of degradation, which would be linked with the reduced possibility of using circulating glucose in the blood.

According to the researchers, this information will help to understand why sleep disorders increase the risk of obesity and the development of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM).


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