more than 5,500 new cases in Algiers during the first nine months of 2018

Algeria – More than 5,500 new cases of diabetes were recorded in Algiers during the first nine months of the year (from January to September), was learned from the head of the activity department health and pharmaceuticals to the Health Directorate.

"The number of new cases of diabetes recorded across the ten 10 public health institutions (PSA) in Algiers during the period from January to September of the current year is 5529 new cases, following preliminary medical examinations of more than 144,700 people, against 5947 cases during the same period of the previous year, "APS Dr Bourkich Zekagh Nadia said on Monday during preparations for the World Day. diabetes that coincides with November 14 each year, under the slogan "Diabetes affects every family."

Recalling that 2421 new cases were recorded among men and 3108 among women, while 747 cases are type 1 against 4877 type 2, she reported an increase in the number of cases recorded in women because of daily pressures and stress in addition to the lack of a healthy diet and lack of physical activity.

In this context, the same manager noted that during the first quarter of 2018 (from January to March), 1873 new cases of diabetes were recorded, including 1028 women, while during the second trimester (April to June) 2025 new cases were recorded, including 1141 women and 1631 new cases including 939 women and 692 men during the third trimester (July to September).

By age group, 15 new cases were recorded in the 10-20 age group, 156 in the 20-30 age group, 573 new cases in the 30-40 age group, 1230 in the 40-50 years, 1704 cases in the 50-60 age bracket and 1402 cases in the 60-70 age bracket, she said.

The services of the health department of Algiers registered 8348 new cases of diabetes during 2017, of which nearly 5026 in women against 3322 in men. The age group among women is the most affected with 1561 (50-60), followed by 1148 (60-70 years) and 1075 new cases (40-50 years), she said.

According to the same official, the wilaya of Algiers has 5 "barometer" centers for this purpose, spread over the various public health institutions of proximity (EPSP), namely Bachir Ladjouzi clinics in Ruisseau and Belouizdad, room of care 'Sidi M'barek' in Baraki and Bouyoucef in Bouzareah, Dar El Beida (Dergana) and Zeralda (Staoueli), supervised by medical specialists and a paramedical staff.

The barometer center, which is part of the partnership between the Ministry of Health and the Danish laboratories Novo Nordisk, includes a preventive program for monitoring the electronic medical record of the patient as well as the methodological follow-up of biological and clinical indicators for the collection of information (national network of diabetics).

On the occasion of the celebration of World Diabetes Day (14 November), an awareness campaign on diabetes prevention will be organized on 13 and 14 November respectively at the home of the diabetic of the EPSP " Bachir Ladjouzi "in Ruisseau and the Kouba hospital, in addition to an awareness campaign supervised by a medical and paramedical staff to advise and guide the patient in terms of food and sports activities, added Ms. Bourkich Zekagh.

She recalled, moreover, that the World Diabetes Day is an opportunity to inquire about the efforts made by the State in terms of care for diabetics and the means mobilized for the prevention and diagnosis of this disease. disease.


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