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Ovarian dystrophy: What impact on pregnancy? (video)

Algeria – Ovarian dystrophy or polycystic syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disease that causes "infertility" very "common" in women of childbearing age, experts say.

The gynecologist obstetrician Mounia Meslam gave this Friday to Ennhar TV some explanations on the subject and how to prevent this pathology.

Dr. Meslam points out that ovarian dystrophy is a hormonal disease. It manifests itself by various symptoms: irregular, infrequent or totally absent (amenorrhea), or, on the contrary, menorrhagia (very heavy rules), weight gain …

These signs make the "diagnosis" of ovarian dystrophy sometimes "difficult," she detailed.

Her involvement in infertility is "frequent" but not "systematic." Some women who have multiple ovarian cysts are able to procreate, she noted.

As a preventive measure, the guest of Ennahar TV indicates that it is advised to the young teenagers to make a diagnosis (analyzes, ultrasound ..) even before the marriage and this, to avoid the risks of this pathology which leads to "anovulation" that can induce "infertility" in women.

Young girls should consult a gynecologist especially when they have menstrual disorders, or a long cycle ranging from 35 days to 40 days.

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