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overload on chemotherapy centers definitively settled in 2019

Algeria – The Director of Prevention and Health Promotion at the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Dr. Djamel Fourar said that the overload experienced by centers such as cancer in Algiers and Blida "will be definitively settled with the opening of four new centers in 2019."

The problem of chemotherapy faced by many women with breast cancer will be solved in 2019 with the opening of the centers of El Oued, Tizi-Ouzou, Adrar and Bechar, equipped with 12 accelerators, Dr. Fourar told APS on the occasion of the pink month of breast cancer, recalling the existence of 41 advisory services and 71 units of chemotherapy at the national level.

For its part, the head of the oncology department of the Pierre and Marie Curie Center (CPMC), Pr. Kamel Bouzid explained the pressure on the centers of Algiers and Blida by "the rise of the sick, or 10.000 new cases every year, "stating that" all breast cancer patients require chemotherapy, unlike other types of cancer, of which only 40% of cases require it. "

He called, in this sense, the National Social Insurance Fund (CNAS) and the National Fund for Social Security of non-employees (CASNOS) to the care of patients through the conclusion of agreements with private centers as is the case for kidney failure or cardiac surgery, stressing that "only the personnel of the National Education, Sonatrach and DGSN benefit from the benefits of private structures."

With regard to certain innovative drugs intended for the treatment of cancer, Pr. Bouzid indicated that these products will be available in Algeria in 2019 and that the guardianship has chosen, for their administration, 5 standard centers in the east. in the west, center and south of the country emphasizing "the importance of monitoring and control to protect patients from side effects."

For her part, Hamida Kettab, president of the "El-Amel" Association for Assistance to People with Cancer, lamented the long delays in accessing radiation therapy, noting that "patients wait, after chemotherapy, 6 to 7 months to have an appointment. "

Expressing the desire to see the problem of overload on the Algiers CPMC and the Blida center addressed with the opening of the new centers, Ms Kettab pleaded for "emergency solutions" through the use of the centers. the private sector -which remain inaccessible for low- and middle-income families- and for their integration into the reimbursable care network by the Social Insurance Funds, pending the opening of these centers in 2019.

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