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recruitment of 415 paramedics next September

Algeria – Some 415 paramedical specialists specialized in medical imaging, nutrition and functional rehabilitation and nurses will be recruited next September at the health facilities of different municipalities of Algiers, the management said Tuesday. of the health and the population of the wilaya of Algiers.

To this end, the head of the training department, Dr. Nadhira Nebache announced the recruitment of 415 paramedical staff graduated from the National Pedagogical Institute of Paramedic Training (INPFP) of Hussein-Dey, at the level of institutions public health (EPSP), to provide better benefits to citizens. Recalling that the 415 agents were trained in several specialties, among others, medical imaging, infirmary, nutrition and functional rehabilitation, Dr. Nebache pointed out that the number remains " insufficient and does not respond to the growing demand ".

In this sense, she mentioned the lack of resuscitators, anesthetists and midwives. This new paramedical promotion includes 255 nurses, 45 public health laboratory technicians, 30 medical imaging operators, 04 social workers, 20 medical assistants, 10 nutritionists, 14 physiotherapists and 24 pharmacy technicians, who have completed 3 years of theoretical training and convenient. In addition, Dr. Nebache recalled that the retirement of paramedical personnel and the reception of several health facilities in Algiers were at the origin of the recorded lack.

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