Scientists discover new therapy to treat tension problems

An international team of scientists discovered that blue light could affect a person's health, including influencing their blood pressure.

Exposure to blue light could have a beneficial effect on human health, according to an international team of scientists. They published the results of their research in the journal European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

The researchers based their hypotheses on an experiment in which 14 people were observed. 14 men without health problems were exposed for 30 minutes to a blue monochromatic light of wavelength 450 nanometers. Then, the next day, they were placed for 30 minutes in front of a blue light, but not monochromatic. Before, during, and after treatment, scientists monitored key indicators of people, including blood pressure, arterial stiffness, pulse rate, and concentration of nitrogen oxides in blood plasma.

According to the results, exposure to blue light led to a drop in voltage. Scientists have found that the condition of patients is close to that of when they take medication to lower blood pressure.

In addition, the level of oxides in the blood plasma has increased. Researchers believe that exposure to blue light caused nitrogen oxides to be released into the bloodstream, leading to a decrease in blood pressure and blood flow.

Scientists reassure that, unlike ultraviolet rays, blue light does not pose a health risk. In addition, this type of radiation is also part of the sunlight that comes into contact with our skin every day.


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