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The dream of all gourmands: eating a lot without gaining weight has it become reality? Scientists say yes.

Substances used in glaucoma medications can prevent weight gain, even in those with a high-fat diet, reports The Independent.

Scientists at Yale University in the United States found that when certain genes were removed, the intestinal cells did not let fat molecules pass into the body. Private mice these genes ate high-fat foods for eight weeks and did not gain weight, while other mice soon began to suffer from obesity.

"The fats were removed from the body with excrement, without entering the circulatory system, so the mice did not gain weight, despite a high fat diet," said Feng Zhang, one of the authors of the study

The researchers discovered a group of drugs with a similar effect that have already been tested in humans. They are especially used for the treatment of glaucoma. Once introduced into the body of mice, they also stopped the process of absorption of fats in the intestine.According to the authors of the study, on the basis of these drugs, it will be possible to create new ways to fight against obesity. However, scientists warn that they may also have negative side effects.

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