Scientists reveal unexpected danger of lack of sleep

You do not sleep enough? Drink, advises a group of American and Chinese scientists who have just established a link between lack of sleep and dehydration.

A group of American and Chinese scientists found that the risk of dehydration increased in people who slept less than 6 hours a night, reports Science Alert.

Researchers processed data from a review of 25,000 people living in China and the United States. The volunteers who took part in the study informed the scientists of the duration of their sleep and made a urine analysis on the identification of the level of hydration. It was found that those who slept too little time had more concentrated urine and that the risk of dehydration increased in these people from 16 to 59%.

These results can be explained by fluctuations in the level of vasopressin – an antidiuretic hormone that helps maintain an optimal level of water in the body. During sleep, this hormone is released in large amounts. However, a short sleep leads to subsequent dehydration. Scientists therefore invite those who do not sleep enough to drink large quantities of water in the morning to compensate for dehydration.


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