Specialists argue for adapted training

Algeria – The manipulation of medical imaging requires proper training and must be in tune with technological advances.

This observation was made at the APS by the president of the Algerian Association of Medical Imaging Manipulators, Samir Kechout, on the sidelines of the 1st Western Regional Day on "Radiation Protection."

According to this same manager, the staff involved in medical imaging in public and private health establishments, remain insufficient and do not cover the needs in this area, hence the need to strengthen training, has he pleaded.

To do this, the Algerian Association of Medical Imaging Manipulators calls on medical institutes and paramedical schools to develop their training capacities and to take charge of the recycling of practicing personnel.

The President of the Algerian Society of Oncology, Pr Kamel Bouzid, called for "optimizing" the use of therapeutic equipment in public hospitals for better care for cancer patients in Algeria, deploring that accelerators radiotherapy and imaging equipment has been down for several months in public sector health facilities.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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