suspicion of 16 new cases of measles in Batna

Algeria_ Sixteen (16) new suspected cases of measles were recorded during the last 72 hours in the daira of Merouana, wilaya of Batna, said Sunday, the head of the prevention service to the management of the wilaya of health.

Blood samples from three of the suspect cases were sent for analysis Saturday at the Institut Pasteur (Algiers) in parallel with the launching by the services concerned of vaccinations of family members and the entourage of the cases. suspected, said Abdelhakim Darnouni.

Since the beginning of the current year to Sunday, about 1,300 suspected cases of measles have been recorded, of which 29 have been confirmed by the analyzes of the Institut Pasteur, said the same official, who noted "Between the end of January and the end of October, ten (10) deaths were reported, including confirmed cases of measles and other suspects".

A ministerial committee composed of specialists arrived in Batna on Thursday and inquired about the conditions under which suspected cases of this disease should be treated.

In particular, she visited several health establishments including the mother-child hospital "Meriem Bouatoura" of the chief town of wilaya, added the head of the health professions and infrastructure department of the health department, Farid Abdeslam .

Source: APS

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