The answer to the problems of obesity would be found in a natural protein

A new protein that could help people lose weight in a natural way, so without taking drugs or dieting, was found in the body of mice by American scientists.

US scientists at Georgetown University, in cancer research, made an unexpected discovery. They found in the body of mice a protein that could help overcome the problems of obesity, according to their study published on

Scientists have tried to define the role of the protein, called BP3, in the formation of oncological diseases. In addition, they discovered that this protein plays an important role in metabolic processes. Obese mice, because of the increased production of this protein, lost weight very quickly despite the fact that they followed the same diet.

"We found that eight procedures with the use of BP3 protein for 18 days were sufficient to reduce the fat tissue in obese mice by more than a third," said Anton Wellstein, one of scientists behind the study.

According to the researchers, this therapy has also improved the other indicators that are related to obesity problems. For example, it prevented hyperglycemia, which is actually the main reason for diabetes. Moreover, during experiments with this protein, the scientists noticed that the lipids in the liver had completely dissolved and disappeared. The researchers pointed out that good results with mice do not automatically mean that this protein will react in the same way in humans. As a result, they plan to launch clinical trials with volunteers.


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