the majority of natural water sources are controlled by the communes

The Minister of Water Resources, Hocine Necib said Thursday in Oran, that the majority of natural water sources across the national territory are not controlled by the institutions of the Ministry, but by the municipal offices of hygiene.

In a statement to the press on the sidelines of his inspection visit to the wilaya of Oran, the minister said that 5,000 natural water sources scattered throughout the national territory have been identified, especially in areas mountain areas, including large sources playing a large role in the supply of water, adding that only 5 to 6% of these sources are controlled continuously by the Algerian Water Company (ADE), as other establishments of the Ministry.

Hocine Necib stated that this small number of natural springs has been maintained and connected to the public drinking water system, pointing out that these springs are controlled in the same way as the rest of the water system.

The Minister has indicated, from time to time, that the municipal health offices have the task of regularly inspecting the waters of other natural sources under a special decree.

During his tour of the wilaya of Oran, Hocine Necib visited the El Mactaa seawater desalination plant in Mers El Hadjadj and the Boufatis pumping station and inspected in Oued Tlélat, the irrigation project of a pilot farm. Created in partnership between the public and private sector, it benefits from a water supply from the wastewater treatment plant in the municipality of El Kerma.

The Minister also visited the project of the wastewater collection station in the Oran basin located at the fish market of the chief town of wilaya.

The minister's visit to the wilaya continues with the inspection of the El Kerma wastewater treatment plant, as well as the irrigation operation of the Mléta agricultural plain in Oued Tlélat.

Source: APS

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