The most important criterion for an ideal coffee found by scientists

Scientists have set the ideal temperature for a coffee. So that the taste of your coffee is surprising, it must be drunk at a temperature below 70 ° C, reports a recent American study.

Scientists at the University of Kansas conducted a study to determine the best method of coffee preparation, reports the British daily newspaper Daily Mail. They discovered that coffee must be drunk below 70 ° C

Scientists measured water temperature for arabica beans and robusta beans and did not find a significant difference between these two varieties in terms of the ideal temperature for each coffee. They point out that the key to success is hot water, not boiling water. The results of this study were published in Food Research International.

In order to validate their hypothesis, the researchers did an experiment. Seven tasters from the Center for Sensory Analysis and Consumer Behavior at the University of Kansas drank small cups of Arabica or Robusta coffee beans, or a mix of both varieties at different temperatures. The researchers used purified water to prevent external tastes from altering the tasting.

According to scientists, the use of water at 70 ° C is ideal because it does not burn the coffee beans and does not change the taste. This temperature is particularly important for those who like their strong coffee, especially Robusta beans, which have a higher caffeine content than Arabica.The researchers explain that the tastes vary, but that their experiments were based on scientific criteria, rather than personal preferences.

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