This is the time of the day when you burn the most calories

US nutritionists have found that the number of calories burned depends not only on a person's activity, but also on the time of day, says Live Science.

A new study of American nutritionists reveals that the internal clock of the human body plays a major role in the burning of calories. Researchers found that in a state of rest, between four and six in the morning, the body was spending fewer calories. On the other hand, the greatest number of calories burns between 17 and 20 pm

However, this effect is observed only when the biological evening and factual evening coincide.

The researchers came to this conclusion as a result of an experiment conducted with a group of seven volunteers. For a little over a month, the subjects lived without any physical effort in a windowless laboratory. In order for the participants in the experiment not to know the time, the scientists took their watches and phones. The diet of the day has been strictly regulated by nutritionists. Yet every day, bedtime was delayed by four hours.

It turned out that only if there was no takeoff between biological hours and factual hours did their body burn about 0.5 grams of fat per hour.

"For many people, the biological evening and factual evening are the same. But if a person breaks the diet of the day, goes to bed later and later, the takeoff between the time of the biological evening and the factual evening increases. As a result, the biological evening arrives late at night or early in the morning at an adverse time to burn calories, "says one of the authors of the study.

In this way, people trying to lose weight should try to maintain regular sleep and meal schedules, which is important for overall health, says the researchers.


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