Three out of 1000 children suffer from congenital heart defects in Algeria

Algeria – Three (03) out of 1000 children are born with congenital heart defects in Algeria, said the cardiologist, Pr. Ramdane Amar Ould Abderrahmane.

Three (03) children for every 1,000 births suffer from congenital heart defects, said the specialist on the eve of the 2nd Symposium on Congenital Heart Malformations in Children, November 16-17.

Some cases require immediate recourse to surgery, which is sometimes postponed to adulthood for others, continued Prof. Ould Abderrahmane adding that this phenomenon was explained in particular by genetic factors and consanguineous marriages. .

Sick children are cared for at the level of the cardiology departments of the largest University Hospital Centers (CHU) which have dedicated units for screening, while surgeries are performed at Bousmaïl clinics (Tipasa ) and Oran in the public sector.

The infringer emphasized the importance of establishing an agreement between the National Social Insurance Fund for Salaried Workers (CNAS) and private clinics throughout the national territory with a view to bringing appointments together and making life easier. to these children.


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