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to involve the pharmaceutical laboratories in the reimbursement

Algeria – The Director General of Social Security at the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, Djaouad Bourkaib announced Friday in Algiers, the contribution of pharmaceutical companies manufacturers of innovative drugs expensive and for patients with chronic diseases, in the reimbursement system applied by the two social security funds.

Speaking on the occasion of the 3rd National Congress of the Algerian Federation of Pharmacy, Dr. Bourkaib stated that the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security "was working on drafting for the conclusion of performance contracts, in the course of 2019, with the pharmaceutical laboratories producing expensive innovative drugs that target chronic diseases, with a view to having the same laboratories contribute to the system. reimbursement by the two social security funds, namely CNAS (National Fund for Social Insurance of Employees) and CASNOS (National Fund for Non-Employees).

The same official specified, in this context, that these reimbursements will be subject "to the control and monitoring of patients who will benefit from these innovative expensive drugs initially supported by the social security funds and which subsequently, will be reimbursed by the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing these drugs, which will fulfill this mission. "

In case of proven non-efficacy of these drugs or appearance of some undesirable symptoms harmful to the health of the patient or stop of these drugs by the patient for other reasons, the global pharmaceutical laboratories manufacturers of these drugs undertake, according to Dr. Bourkaib, "to pay the two social security funds, CNAS and CASNOS, the reimbursement of the drugs taken by the patient".


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