Veterinarians warn against abuse of antibiotics

Algeria – Veterinarians attending a meeting on "veterinary pharmacovigilance" held in Constantine on the occasion of the 4th World Week "Good use of antibiotics" warned against "misuse antibiotics in animal husbandry and poultry farming. "

"The resistance of bacteria to antibiotics is one of the main challenges in the field of animal health," said veterinary inspector at the level of local agricultural services, Djahida Djenna.

She explained in this way that even these antibiotics are used as a preventive or curative, "the bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics and these drugs can destroy some naturally occurring bacteria in the body and have many benefits for animal health ".

For his part, the director of the Veterinary Institute of Constantine, Mr. Lahcène Berarhi, urged veterinarians to "accurately diagnose the disease, the antibiotic to be prescribed and the doses to be administered."

He indicated that any misuse of these drugs "may result in future harm to animal health and in turn to public health".

The president of Wilaya of the Interprofessional Council of the poultry sector, Mr. Chérif Boukherissa for his part insisted on the importance of adopting a monthly invoicing system to establish the traceability of the costs of this sector since "the purchase chicks to food and medicines, among others. "

Calling "vital" cooperation between breeders and veterinarians to develop this sector locally, the same official said that the poultry sector in the wilaya of Constantine is among those using "rational" antibiotics.

This meeting organized by the DSA and attended by veterinarians, producers and exporters of food and medicines aims to raise awareness for the rational use of antibiotics for livestock and poultry to preserve animal health and that consumers of red and white meat, according to the local director of the agricultural sector.


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