2018: Muslims in France reject any interference in the organization of their worship

PARIS – The Muslims of France strong in their position as representatives of the religion of the Hexagon did not stop during the year 2018 to express their rejection of any interference or interference in the organization of their worship.

Forced by the will of the president Emmanuel Macron to organize the Muslim cult of France, even if the law of secularism (1905) forbids the state of occupy the religious, and the persistence of deliberately cultivating the amalgam of Islam and terrorism, the Muslims of France, meeting in congress on December 9, affirmed that the definition of the dogmas and the practices of the cults "is incumbent "to the representatives of the cults" alone "within the limits of the imperatives of public order and in the respect of the principles and values ​​of the Republic".

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The rector of the Great Mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur, was in this sense very explicit in declaring that the Muslims of France, "tired" by so many projects "aborted" of organization of Islam in France, have decided to work "for themselves and for themselves" to a "real" representation and a "solid" structuring of their worship in a relationship of trust with the French authorities.

This epidermic rejection of this interference, intended solely for the Muslim religion, is justified by the total lack of knowledge in France of Islam and its message of peace in the world, the refusal of the policy of "double standards" "and by the non-acceptance, even if it is not expressed directly, of the will of the public authorities to control the financing of the cult.

A fierce opposition to any interference

Thus the Muslims of France claim the independence of the Muslim religion as a "preliminary principle" to any discussion of its organization, warning that "any attempt to alter the clear and fundamental relations between religions and the State any interference by an administration () would lead to (their) fierce opposition. "

With regard to the financing of worship, they also reject the interference, pointing out that "only matters free and autonomous management, under the statutory control of an auditor who may become obligatory".

In addition, members of the working group who conducted a consultation with Muslims in France on the organization of worship also denounced the recovery and circumvention maneuvers initiated by the government.

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"… the state undertakes to create satellite structures, gradually taking possession of money from the donations of Muslims and puncturing the halal market, in order then to impose its imams and its vision of Islam on the long time ", they said.

The consultation has allowed, through the Net, tens of thousands of Muslims, everywhere in France, to express themselves and to begin a fundamental work to "rethink the way in which their religion could be organized, constructively and independently. "

This position, affirmed and reaffirmed, forced the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, who is also in charge of the cults in France, to provide clarifications on the government's vision vis-à-vis religion more than 7 million French people.

"One thing is clear: it is not for the state to write the stakes of the organization of the Muslim religion, it is entirely the responsibility of its faithful," he said in an intervention at the congress of the Muslims of France, refuting "the idea that the state should lose interest and calling the Muslims to" work together "for the future of Islam in French society.

A permanent struggle for recognition

It should be recalled that the report of the Montaigne Institute (600 pages), drawn up by Hicham Karoui and presented to President Macron, aroused strong reactions among representatives of the Muslim religion in France who rejected it in its current form. and its contents.

"The fabric of Islamism" advocates the establishment of a certain "Tracfin" to control the financial flows, fundraisers and donations that benefit the representations of the Muslim religion, particularly in terms of funding the management of mosques, and the introduction of a halal tax, whose market turnover in France is estimated at 6 billion euros.

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On another level, the Muslims begin can not understand that they are, with each terrorist attack perpetrated in France, solicited to express themselves on these acts, as if one would like to stick to them somewhere a part of this responsibility.

They wonder, however, that acts of Islamophobia are never condemned in France, nor prosecuted. A justice which is besides blasted for having "lost" complaints in this direction.

They know, however, that the fight for equal recognition on the same footing as other religions is not easy, rejecting in fact the name "Islam of France", just as it does not. There is no "Christianity of France" or "Judaism of France".

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