2018 / Palestine: nearly 6,500 Palestinians arrested by the occupation forces

 2018 / Palestine: nearly 6,500 Palestinians arrested by the occupation forces

RAMALLAH- Some 6,489 Palestinians were arrested in 2018 by the Israeli armed forces, according to a report by the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners for the year.

In 2018, the total number of arrests made by the Israeli occupation authorities reached 6,489 Palestinians, including 1,063 children and 140 girls and women in addition to 389 new orders of administrative detention and 599 previous detention orders, among others, said the commission in its report made public Saturday, noting that the largest number of arrests was recorded during the month of January, or 675 Palestinians arrested.

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The geographical distribution of the arrests, which affected the whole country, shows that the highest number was registered in the West Bank with 4,495 arrests, which represents 69,3% of the total arrests during the year, against 1.803 have to Al-Quds (27.8%), according to the report relayed by the Palestinian Press Agency (WAFA).

The arrests also affected 191 Palestinians from the southern provinces of the Ghaza Strip, others at sea (targeting the fishermen), on the borders or at the Beit Hanoun / Erez crossing, which represents 2, 9%, it adds, noting that all those arrested were subjected to one or more forms of physical, psychological or moral violence.

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These prisoners are held in 22 prisons and detention centers of the Israeli occupation, including Nafha, Gilboa, Negev, Hadarim, Ramla and Ashkelo.

Furthermore, the Committee notes that the year 2018 was marked by fierce violence against prisoners inside the jails and that the machine of repression of the occupation resorted to systematic policies against them. oppression (intrusion into cells, administrative detentions, isolation, medical negligence, imposition of heavy fines, refusal to visit removal …).

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