80 journalists killed in the world in 2018

 80 journalists killed in the world in 2018

PARIS-Eighty (80) journalists were killed this year Throughout the world for exercising their mission of information, according to the annual report of the exactions committed against the journalists in the world, published Tuesday by Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

'' In 2018, 80 journalists were killed, 348 are currently in detention and 60 are hostages. Rising figures that translate unprecedented violence against journalists, "says the international NGO.

"While 2017 was a year less deadly than previous years for journalists, 2018 reverses this trend, with 80 journalists (including professionals and non-professionals as well as media workers) killed around the world.

Among them, 63 professional journalists were killed in 2018 against 55 last year, an increase of 15% ", observes the same source.

The number of non-professional journalists has also increased, 13 against 7 last year, according to the same source.

According to RSF, more than half of the journalists killed in 2018 were "knowingly targeted and murdered."

With 15 dead, Afghanistan is the deadliest country for journalism this year, followed by Syria (11) and Mexico (9), the most dangerous peace country for journalists.

According to the international NGO, the number of hostages has also increased by 11% with 60 journalists captive so far against 54 last year.

Fifty-nine of them are held in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq and Yemen), says RSF.

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