Act 8: the "yellow vests" want a new start of their mobilization

PARIS – The movement of "yellow vests", which showed a certain breathlessness, wants to make its mobilization of Saturday (Act 8) a new beginning to show President Emmanuel Macron that they are "always there, more numerous and motivated than ever."

The mobilization of this apolitical movement, affected by the end-of-year festivities, showed last Saturday a decline and could not reunite the crowds of a few weeks ago.

Following the arrests of several active members of the movement, including a spokesman Eric Drouet, the group of "yellow vests" called "France angry" Thursday sent an open letter to President Macron announcing that they will go "further".

Calling to protest for Saturday, this group of unhappy people who gathered on Facebook nearly 300,000 members, said he refused to participate in the "great national debate" announced by the French head of state, considering it as a " political trap to try to drown the subject ", namely the establishment of the referendum of popular initiative.

The collective demands "the establishment of a significant reduction in all taxes on essential goods" and "a significant reduction of all current and future pensions, salaries, privileges and pensions of elected officials and senior state officials, "pointing out to President Macron that" anger will turn into hatred if you continue, from your pedestal, you and your fellows, to consider the common people as beggars. "

Since the beginning of this social crisis, President Macron and his government have been trying, by announcing social measures, to appease the situation and calm people's minds but in vain.

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The "yellow vests" refuse what they called the "crumbs" and ask for the reform of the system of governance by the implementation of a citizens' initiative referendum (RIC). Feeling abused by the verticality of power, they want to establish a more participatory democratic model, through the RIC, and force the rulers to listen to the cries of the French population.

In this situation of tension, the government has made numerous statements to discredit the movement of "yellow vests", though supported by the majority of French, accusing it of "racist" and "anti-Semitic". At the conclusion of the Council of Ministers this Friday, the spokesman of the government, Benjamin Griveaux, said the last mobilized were "agitators who want the insurgency."

For him, the government has provided "concrete and rapid" responses to the demands of the movement, especially on purchasing power, stressing that "since these announcements, the movement for those who remain mobilized, has become the fact of agitators who want insurrection and basically overthrow the government. "

"It is from now on in a political fight that they are engaged to contest the legitimacy of the government and the president of the Republic", he added, reiterating that the government will act with firmness.

For this Saturday, the movement called, through social networks, to protest on "the symbolic places" in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Besancon, Clermont-Ferrand or Nice. In Paris, a rally is scheduled at 14:00 in front of City Hall at 14:00, where the open letter will be read.

The demonstrators will then head to the headquarters of the French National Assembly. This new mobilization is considered by many observers to be a show of force to show the government and the media, which are considered biased, that the movement has not been weakened.

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