Act VI of the "yellow vests": not satisfied with the measures of Macron, they remain determined

PARIS – The "yellow vests" showed Saturday, during the act VI of their mobilization through France, that they are not satisfied with the measures announced by President Emmanuel Macron and remain determined until the satisfaction of their demands.

Supported by two-thirds of the French, the movement of "yellow vests", born from rising fuel taxes, has set the bar high to settle on the political scene by asking for integration into the Constitution of a citizens' initiative referendum (RIC) in which 78% of French people are in favor. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has promised to open the debate.

For this Saturday, three days of Christmas, the mobilization has conceded a decline compared to other Saturdays, but its approval from the French remains high, according to the latest poll Elabe.

"After more than a month of mobilization, the level of approval remains high: 70% of French people approve the mobilization (-3 points in a week) .Inversely, 22% disapprove (+4) ", the survey said.

According to police figures, nearly 30,000 "yellow vests" were demonstrating at 14:00, against 33,500 on December 15, through French cities. In Paris, 2000 demonstrators who began their movement in Montmartre and Place de la Madeleine headed towards the Champs-Elysees Avenue in the late afternoon, where the situation is currently tense, without the moment of violence

Protesters chanted "King Macron gives crumbs to the beggars", "Scorn enough", "Macron, resignation", "Citizen initiative referendum".

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The police, whose device was lightened for Saturday, fired tear gas, using water cannons to contain protesters and disperse them in the early evening.

Panicked, stores, open all day to hope to recover the shortfall, had to lower the curtain at the most beautiful avenue in the world.

There were also in Paris more than a hundred arrests, including seven protesters were placed in custody. One of the influential leaders of the movement was arrested by the police and placed in police custody.

Although the mobilization has declined since the measures announced by President Macron, and despite the dismantling roundabouts that "yellow vests" were erected in HQ, it was characterized this time by attempts blocked at border posts with Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium. The "yellow vests" filtered the passage of trucks for several hours.

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But protesters were dislodged with tear gas at the Franco-Spanish border. Traffic disturbances have been reported at the Belgian border and a roadblock of 200 demonstrators has resulted in the blocking of traffic on the motorway at the border crossing with Ventimiglia's Italy.

In Strasbourg, a hundred "yellow vests" blocked the access road to the bridge of Europe, border with Germany, before being dislodged by the police, said the media .

The protesters promise in any case to maintain their movement and say they remained mobilized for other acts.

Faced with the determination of the movement, several analysts believe that only a "strong" political response of President Macron, currently visiting Chad, can permanently appease the anger of the French, arguing expect, after the end of the crisis , a way of governance of the French head of state.

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