Act VII of the "yellow vests": the movement targets the media

PARIS – Act VII of the mobilization of the "yellow vests" movement this Saturday by rallies in front of the media headquarters, including France TV and BMFMTV, even if in Paris the movement has shown a clear breath.

It must be remembered that some media have been attacked for a few weeks by protesters who have pointed at a cover of their mobilization deemed "biased". A large number of "yellow vests" reproach, through social networks, the media for wanting to discredit their movement by focusing too much or particularly on scenes of violence which they reaffirm their disapproval.

Hundreds of protesters chanted during their rally "collabos journalists", "BFM fake news" or "Macron resignation", preventing even in other cities journalists to do their work. Some of them explained that "yellow vests" did not attack the press "but propaganda".

In Paris, incidents took place after demonstrators invaded the streetcar and boulevard and threw projectiles at the police.

One of the "yellow vests" tore the European flag in front of the headquarters of Radio France, a few hundred meters from the headquarters of France TV, under the cheers of his comrades.

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They joined later and quietly Avenue des Champs-Elysees where there were already a few hundred surrounded by a very deterrent security device. Unlike previous days of mobilization, the businesses on this avenue remained open and tourists did not desert it.

In the evening, protesters landed near the headquarters of Parisien where a dozen cars caught fire

For this Saturday, the mobilization of "yellow vests" has experienced a significant decline without affecting the determination of the leaders of the movement who do not want to give in on their demands, including the inclusion in the Constitution of the referendum. citizen initiative (RIF), so that the French people can be consulted on every sensitive issue affecting their life and their future.

According to the Interior Ministry, there were about 12,000 protesters in France, while they were last Saturday 38,600. The prefecture of Paris announced 800 demonstrators in Paris .

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This day, marked by the end of year celebrations during which President Emmanuel Macron is in the south of France for a few days off, was also characterized by road blockages, a fear for this week Crossing holidays.

Clashes erupted in several cities, including Toulouse, Metz and Lille, and even dozens of arrests. It is reported that the headquarters of the Bank of France was set on fire in Rouen.

Moreover, the struggle of the "yellow vests" does not just occupy the physical spaces, such as roundabouts, squares or avenues, but it is conducted, and uninterrupted, on the networks which serves, for the movement, the most adequate means of communication.

The members of the movement are required to inform, in real time and with supporting images, all the events related to their movement, to comment on them and to disassemble the fake news.

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