Algeria buys 600 000 tonnes of common wheat: After Russia, breakthrough of Argentine origin

Despite the predominance of French common wheat which constitutes the major part of Algerian cereal imports, a breakthrough of origin more distant seems to be confirmed in the light of the review, by the Algerian Inter-professional Cereals Office (OAIC), of the list of its suppliers, among which will be counted in the future, in addition to Russia, countries of America Latin, including Argentina.

Thus, the last call for tenders launched by the OAIC for the purchase, in January 2019, of 600 000 tonnes of common wheat, should have, in addition to the French origin, a Uruguayan and Argentinean origin. Argentina has also supplied 40,000 tons of maize to the OAIC.

The breakthrough of the Latin American country is put forward by the establishment FranceAgriMer, dependent on the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food which has recently indicated, according to the Terre-net website, that "Argentinian wheats have represented a significant competition in recent years for French wheats in Algeria, the main outlet outside Europe "

. The predominant place of French origin of soft wheat imported by Algeria "probably should not last," also emphasize the French experts, saying that "Algeria does not wish to be too dependent on French wheat in particular and the European wheat in general ".

The French organizations want as evidence the rapprochement made by Algeria with Russian operators for first delivery tests. In an analysis entitled "Before the arrival of the Russians, France loads the Algerian boat", Arnaud Carpon, from the Terre-Net Media website, points out that "shipments of French wheat to Algeria jumped by 72% these four last months compared to last year. A welcome dynamism of exports before France's main customer opens its market to Russian competition. "

He states that shipments of soft wheat to Algeria have been going well since the start of the 2018-2019 marketing year: "In the first four months of the campaign, the cumulative shipments to France's largest customer jumped 72% compared to last year. The 2.24 Mt of wheat already shipped since early July account for 82% of French exports! To offset its sudden withdrawal from the Egyptian market, France has made Algeria its first soft wheat customer in just five years.

Between 2008-2009 and 2013-2014, between 34 and 46% of French exports were destined for the Algerian market. This market share had fallen to 27% in 2015-2016 before gradually recovering since. For this 2018-2019 campaign, France is certainly enjoying its position as the only European exporting country, the other countries having recorded a disappointing 2018 harvest because of the drought. "

According to the site, Algeria is expected to import about 7.7 million tonnes of wheat in 2018-2019, compared with 8.2 million tonnes in 2017-2018 and 7.9 million tonnes on average over the last 5 years campaigns. A level of imports that should continue in the coming years, according to the French establishment, which estimates that Algeria "is currently favoring a strategy of self-sufficiency in durum wheat by 2020.

Soils that are too dry and unsuitable for growing soft wheat will not allow an increase in production. "

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