An Arab-EU League summit on February 24 in Cairo

 An Arab-EU League summit on February 24 in Cairo

CAIRO – A Arab League / EU summit will be held on 24-25 February in Cairo to discuss various issues of common interest, said Monday an official of the Arab League.

Meetings are held between the two sides as part of the preparations for this "historic" summit, Deputy Secretary General and Secretary General Hossam Zaki told a news conference at the UN's headquarters the League of Arab States in Cairo

He emphasized that "Arab and European leaders will discuss all issues and matters of common interest".

The summit will be preceded by a ministerial meeting on 4 February to prepare and discuss the topics that the summit could adopt, he said, recalling that this meeting is periodic and is held every two years. December, but was postponed until next February.

The deputy secretary general, on the other hand, denied reports that the summit will only deal with the issue of migration, adding that "consultations are ongoing on topics that can be discussed".

"There is not a single subject" and each party to his own concerns, he added, expressing his confidence in reaching a consensus so as to guarantee the success of this summit.

Regarding the Arab summit for economic and social development, scheduled for next January in Beirut, Zaki said the summit comes five years after the one of Ryadh, noting that his agenda does not include political subjects, but "only" those related to social and economic development.

million. Zaki further noted that the Arab League is working "tirelessly" for the establishment of the Arab Free Trade Area, saying that 95% of detailed rules of origin applicable to Arab products entered into force last October, were finalized and that work continues to complete the negotiation of these detailed rules.

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