Annual military contest Chahid El-Ouali of the Saharawi Liberation Army in Mhiriz

 Annual military contest Chahid El-Ouali of the Saharawi Liberation Army in Mhiriz

MHIRIZ (Saharawi territories released) – The activities of the 24th annual military contest "Chahid Mustapha El-Ouali" of the Saharawi Liberation Army began Sunday in Mhiriz, in Saharawi territories released, under the aegis of the President Saharawi and Secretary General of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali.

Activities began with a review of detachments of Saharawi military forces by the Saharawi President, followed by an opening speech by the commander of the fourth region of the Saharawi Liberation Army , which hosts this event, in front of an audience composed of members of the Polisario's national secretariat, a delegation of human rights from the Sahrawi territories occupied by Morocco, and guests.

In his opening speech, the commander of the 4th region of the Saharawi Army said that the various military activities that are held in Mhiriz, including the competition and a military maneuver, crown a year of efforts, continuous work and perseverance of the Saharawi army.

They also constitute an opportunity to assess the degree of readiness and combat readiness of the various detachments and military units, through a competition between the different Saharawi military regions, added Mr. Mohamed Allel.

"The military maneuver carried out by the Saharawi army, with the symbolic participation of the various Saharawi military regions, perfectly reflects the work of a whole year and at the same time demonstrates the high level attained by the Saharawi liberation army in terms of training, training, professionalism, equipment and armament, as well as high morale, "he continued.

On the sidelines of the military contest, the last stockpile of antipersonnel mines held by the Polisario Front will be destroyed, since the signing of the Geneva Convention in 2005, with 17,500 mines antipersonnel have been destroyed so far, according to the explanations provided by the officials of the 4th Saharawi military region.

A theoretical presentation was also made on the tactical aspect related to the military maneuver planned on the sidelines of the closing ceremony of the competition, which will be punctuated by inter-unit sports competitions of the Saharawi army, before proceeding. a prize-giving to the winners of the various sporting and cultural activities on the menu of this event.

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