Arab and Muslim countries called to protect El-Quds against Israeli plans

 Arab and Muslim countries called to protect El-Quds against Israeli plans

Palestinian diplomacy called, in a statement made public on Sunday, "the Arab and Islamic worlds to seriously deal with these plans and their consequences," urging them not to consider "Israeli violations at occupied El-Quds as abstract facts and normal things, "Wafa news agency said.

Palestinian diplomacy pointed out in their document that the Israeli occupation forces continue their "Judaic war against the holy city in the midst of escalation in order to implement the colonial plans and change the historical reality , legal and cultural occupied El Qods, "continued the Palestinian agency.

Affirming that a Jewish organization encourages invading the Al-Aqsa Mosque, demolishing it and establishing the so-called "Temple", Palestinian diplomacy is concerned about the latest call by this settler organization that supports "having received aid to implement its Judaization programs as well as measures of xpansionist colonization against occupied El-Quds", denouncing the intensification of the campaign of mass Palestinian arrests, deportation and demolition of Palestinian homes and settlements by Israeli occupying forces, Palestinian diplomacy invited the Arab and Muslim world to act to protect El-Quds and its holy and historic places.

In this context, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs argued that the Israeli occupier aims through its plans and plans to erase the Palestinian and Muslim identity of the holy city, to seize Palestinian land, including the Palestinians. Muslim cemeteries, as well as the destruction of Christian and Islamic holy sites.

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In this regard, the Palestinian diplomacy stressed the need to implement the resolutions of the Arab and Islamic summits adopted on the status of occupied El Quds, including those bearing the direct support of the Arab and Muslim States to the Palestinians to to face forced evictions and to protect the old city and its holy places.

The Palestinian ministry also called on the international community, the United Nations and its relevant organizations, especially UNESCO, to take urgent measures to put an end to plans for the occupation of the Judaization of the Holy City and the to oblige to respect the international legitimacy and its decisions, first and foremost the resolutions on occupied Quds.

El-Quds governor Adnan Ghaith on Sunday called on the United Nations to form an international team to investigate the tunnels dug by the Israeli occupation under the Al-Aqsa mosque. its proximity to the old town and the Silwan district.

Ghaith warned in a press release of the "gravity" of the situation and Israel's "historic" changes in the Holy City, confirming that the United Nations must shoulder its duty to the occupied city, in accordance with the decisions of the Security Council and the United Nations.

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