Arab League postpones planned meeting to discuss Syria's return

 Arab League postpones planned meeting to discuss Syria's return

CAIRO – The Arab League has decided to postpone the meeting scheduled for today of permanent representatives of member countries to discuss the return of Syria to January 9, international media reported on Sunday.

"It was decided to postpone the Arab coordination meeting at the level of the delegates scheduled today to 9 January," said a source of the pan-Arab organization quoted by the Russian channel Russia Today.

The meeting of permanent representatives was to consider a number of issues, including ways to allow Syria to return to the Arab League, whose membership had been frozen in November 2011 in the wake of the Syrian conflict.

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"The Arab League Council bringing together the permanent representatives was to decide on 6 January on the question of the reopening of the Arab embassies in Damascus and the Syrian embassies in the Arab capitals," the daily Al- Ahram Al Arabi.

Citing sources of the organization, the Egyptian daily reported that there are "two groups" within the Arab League that diverge on the conditions for Syria's return to the organization.

The first group claimed, according to Al-Ahram Al Arabi, the return of Syria to its vacant seat, 7 years ago, at the meeting of permanent delegates scheduled today, thus paving the way for the presence of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad at the Arab Economic Summit to be held in Lebanon during the month of January and at the Arab League summit to be held next March.

The other group wants to allow, however, the meeting of permanent delegates to restore the work of Arab embassies and Arab ambassadors in Damascus, as well as the return of Syrian ambassadors to Arab countries, added the Egyptian daily, adding that this group has proposed to submit the decision to return Syria to the organization at the Arab leaders' summit scheduled for March.

According to sources quoted by the two media, member countries of the Pan Arab organization have not yet had a "unified position so far", but Syria's return to its Arab League headquarters is "acquired" and remains a "question of time".

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