Call for the development of an action plan for the implementation of the Arab Information Strategy

ALGER – Experts in The task of developing the Arab Media Strategy Implementation Agenda highlighted the need for the development of an implementation plan within five years.

At its first meeting, at the headquarters of the Arab League, under the chairmanship of the Minister Delegate, representative of Algeria and current Chairman of the Ordinary Session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Information, Farid Dahman with the Minister Delegate to the Permanent Delegation of the Arab League, Eddine Attallah, these experts stressed the need to develop a plan for implementing the Arab media strategy and to define the steps in a five-year timetable. They also stressed the need to stop the activities and executive programs initiated by the Member States within the framework of the objectives set.

This strategy aims to highlight the centrality of the Palestinian cause, the preservation of the Arab identity of the occupied city of El Qods Echarif, capital of the State of Palestine, and the promotion of the Arab personality multiculturalism and its secular civilization to consolidate its positive image in the various media.

It is also about harnessing the media and communication technologies for the fight against extremism and terrorism, spreading the values ​​of tolerance, moderation and rejection of violence through adoption Contents of the Arab Media Roadmap for Sustainable Development to 2030 to Promote Information for Socio-Economic Development

Other objectives include the promotion of quality and professionalism in overall media performance by encouraging media institutions to invest in development and innovation.

At this meeting, which was attended by representatives of organizations and press associations, the experts asked Algeria to present what it intends to implement during the first half of the year. 2019 in anticipation of the communication of the results of his presidency to the head of the Council of Ministers of Information at its next session scheduled for early May 2019.

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