Climate: adoption of the rules of application of the Paris Agreement

KATOWICE (Poland) – The delegates of some 200 countries gathered at the Katowice COP24 on Saturday adopted the rules of application of the Paris agreement against global warming

The conference, which ended more than 24 hours behind the planned schedule, did not, however, lead to new commitments by states to meet their greenhouse gas reduction targets in the near future , insufficient at this stage in the face of climate change.

"It was a long way (…) it was not an easy task," said Polish COP24 President Michal Kurtyka.

"The impact of this package of measures is positive for the world and brings us closer to realizing the ambitions of the Paris agreement," he added, before being joined on the platform by the heads of delegations from around the world.

The 24th UN Climate Conference has been meeting since the beginning of December in Katowice, the Polish capital of coal, to finalize and adopt the rules for implementing the Paris agreement to limit global warming to +2 C, ideally +1.5 C, compared to the pre-industrial era.

Due to disagreements that are difficult to iron out on key policy issues, such as how governments are accountable for their commitments to reduce greenhouse gases or the degree of flexibility to be granted to the poorest countries, COP24 scheduled to end on Friday, plays overtime.

A new draft text expected Friday night was postponed several times during the evening and night by the Polish presidency of this COP.

It was finally distributed to delegations on Saturday morning.

A few weeks after the alarm sounded by Giec scientists, many delegations, especially those most vulnerable to climate change, called on the conference to do more and faster against global warming. But the international geopolitical context is not conducive to increasing ambitions at this stage.

Today, the commitments of the states would lead to a world at +3 C compared to the industrial era. The world today has gained +1 C, with already a lot of climate disasters.

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