Climate change shifts on the COP24 climate menu

 Climate Change Shifts on the COP24 Climate Menu

NEW YORK (United Nations) – The Conference of the Parties (COP24) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on Saturday discussed concrete ways to help countries cope with massive displacement caused by the effects of climate change , reported Sunday media.

"In many places, climate change, floods and droughts are increasingly threatening people's security and livelihoods, and many families wonder whether they can stay where they are, or if they have to go live elsewhere, "said the head of migration issues at the UNFCCC secretariat, Koko Warner." The goal is really to help countries understand the scope of what is really preparing for and preparing for it … It's really about finding ways to reduce the suffering and ensure the safety and dignity of people at risk of displacement due to climate change. " added Ms. Warner.

In a statement, the UN warned of displacements of four times more people in the world due mainly to "extreme weather events than through conflict."

According to the Organization, global warming "should increase this number", as its impacts make more and more areas of the planet uninhabitable.

To remedy this, a series of recommendations to help countries cope with climate change displacement was presented at COP24 in Katowice, Poland.

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These are proposals addressed to the 197 parties to the UNFCCC dealing with contingency planning, data consultation and analysis, and cooperation between countries, the statement said.

The UN document, which will be presented for adoption at ministerial level next week, was prepared by a working group on travel and presented on Saturday for approval by the technical delegates of the member states.

Saturday, more than a thousand protesters crossed Katowice in southern Poland on Saturday to ask the COP-24 conference to act quickly on behalf of the climate.

The work of COP 24 continues in Katowice until December 14.

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