Crisis of "Yellow Vests": deposit at the French Assembly of a motion of censure against the government

PARIS – A motion of censure against the government was tabled Tuesday night in the French National Assembly by the deputies of three leftist political parties.

This is the deputies of the Socialist Party (PS), France rebellious (LFI) and the French Communist Party (PCF) who stand against the management by the government of the crisis of "Yellow Vests". They want to "make heard the voice and concrete proposals of the Socialists," according to their spokesman Boris Vallaud, saying that President Emmanuel Macron did not operate Monday night a "change of course."

He had brought, he said, answers "neither just nor responsible" to the "triple crisis, social, environmental and democratic", leaving also "many gray areas" on the measures and their financing. According to the French Constitution, the motion of censure must be submitted to the vote of the National Assembly at least 48 hours after its deposit, that is to say not before Thursday.

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For the depositories, the motion of censure must be voted by the majority to be able to bring down the government. But the left is represented by only 62 of the 577 deputies in the Assembly, which suggests that this action is much more media-like, according to observers.

Also knowing that the deputies of the right will not associate themselves with this motion nor vote, according to the president of the group Republicans, Christian Jacob who said that "this is not the answer expected by the public opinion". More than 100 motions of censure have been filed since 1958. Only one was adopted in 1962, bringing down the government of Georges Pompidou, one recalls.

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