Crisis of "yellow vests": the measures of President Macron divide the French

PARIS- The measures announced Monday night by President Emmanuel Macron to defuse the crisis of "yellow vests", have divided the French into two distinct camps: the pros and cons of the continuity of popular mobilization.

"This is the state of economic and social emergency that I want to declare today," he said in a 13-minute speech to the French angry for over a month and who have expressed their fiscal sluggishness and their refusal to erode purchasing power.

The French president said that the anger expressed by the French is "40 years of malaise that resurface", making his mea culpa on remarks he had made to the French.

According to an OpinionWay survey for the LCI news channel with 991 people, the French are 50% not to find it convincing, against 49% who, on the contrary, think it was .

According to a majority of respondents, social policy announcements respond well to the demands of "yellow vests". Thus, 68% of respondents believe that the increase of 100 euros Smic (minimum wage) is a "good answer", 72% approve the cancellation of the generalized social contribution (CSG), a compulsory levy that contributes to the financing of the social security and unemployment insurance, and 78% welcomed the tax exemption for overtime.

According to the same survey, 54% of respondents voted for the cessation of the movement of "yellow vests", at the time they were preparing since Monday evening an "act V" of the mobilization next Saturday.

These yellow rebels did not return home after the speech they called "masquerade", "pipeau" or "dusting". They remained mobilized in their bastions in several cities of the country and said, in interventions to the news channels, that they remain "mobilized" until the satisfaction of their complete claims.

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The more moderate think that the measures are "good ideas" or an "advance" of the presidential speech, but they arrive "too late".

For its part, the French Democratic Confederation of Labor (CFDT) on Tuesday praised the measures of President Macron, while the other union Workers Forces (FO) found them to be "not up to the task". The General Secretary of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), Philippe Martinez said, for its part, that "we are very very far from the account."

Within the political class, especially the opposition, the reactions were very strong on the left, right or extreme right, generally considering that the announcements made by the French head of state were "not convincing" to get out of the crisis.

== No prognosis on the future of the movement of "yellow vests" ==

For Olivier Faure, first secretary of the Socialist Party (PS), "the cap is not changed", announcing that the deputies of his party will decide Tuesday if they submit a joint motion of censure with those of France unsubdued (LFI) and the French Communist Party (PCF) against the government.

The LFI leader noted that "all the announced measures" will be "paid by the taxpayers and the social insured, not by the big fortunes, nor the profits", whereas the president of the National Gathering (RN, far right, Marine Le Pen, estimated that President Macron "retreat to better jump."

Moreover, some observers go in the same direction thinking that the issue of President Macron, facing a crisis "was to create a breach in public opinion, especially to those who support yellow vests "to" marginalize the hard-liners ".

But the editorialist of the newspaper La Marseillaise thinks otherwise, believing that "the small crumbs thrown on the fly last night () are not illusions". For him, "the president of the rich continues to dig his furrow, refusing to take the money to capital, he takes it to work."

Most of Tuesday's newspapers questioned whether the "yellow vests" will drop their chasubles, pointing out, as Le Figaro writes, "their obstinacy has foiled too many prophecies for a prognosis, but we can only wish it, "while Libération is far from thinking that the movement will stop overnight.

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