Damascus calls for an end to the strikes of the US-Israel coalition

 Damascus calls on the UN to end the strikes of the US-Israeli coalition

DAMASCUS – The Syrian Foreign Ministry on Friday called on the UN and the Security Council to end the coalition's and Israel's air strikes in Syria, citing the deaths of 30 Syrian civilians in the village of Chaafa in the suburbs of Deir Ezzour following raids by the American Air Force

In two messages to the UN Secretary-General and the President of the Security Council on US and Israeli "aggression" against the sovereignty of the Syrian Republic, Syrian diplomacy said that The US-led "International Coalition" killed at least 30 innocent Syrian civilians on November 30 in the village of Chaafa in the suburb of Deir Ezzor, the majority of whom are women and children, the report said. Sana agency

The Syrian Foreign Ministry stressed that "the prosecution of the crimes demonstrates the ignorance of human values ​​and international law by the United States, which created this coalition in a blatant transgression of the provisions and principles of international law ", added Sana.

Denouncing the silence of countries and international organizations, vis-à-vis the "crimes" of the United States and their coalition, Syrian diplomacy said that "the attacks perpetrated by the" illegal "coalition, led by Washington, against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, have the "same goals" as those of repeated Israeli aggression.

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Israeli raids on Thursday targeted "several positions" near Damascus and southern Syria, Sana said, noting that the attacks are "evidence of Israel's support for armed terrorist groups" and "a attempt to perpetuate the crisis in Syria "

"Our anti-aircraft defense came into action and targeted hostile targets over the Kesswa region" in the suburbs of Damascus, Sana said, adding that "anti-aircraft defense" destroys all the hostile goals "which" did not reach their goal ".

The Syrian Foreign Ministry vehemently condemned these repeated crimes and assaults, calling on the Security Council and UN member states to put an end to these acts and to condemn them.

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