De Mistura: "There is still a way to go to build a Constitutional Committee in Syria"

UNITED NATIONS (United States) – The emissary of The UN for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, told the Security Council Thursday that "there is still a way to go" to form a Constitutional Committee to draft a new Constitution for Syria.

"We have almost completed the work to put in place" this Committee "but there is still some way to go," he said, citing problems with changes proposed by Syria on a list of names.

According to the UN plan, the Constitutional Committee must consist of 150 members: 50 chosen by the power, 50 by the opposition and 50 by the UN envoy to include in the reflection of the experts and representatives of civil society.

Damascus blocked this latest list and recently proposed, with the support of Russia, Iran and Turkey, "17 name changes," according to a diplomat quoted by the media. The UN rejected this list, which, in its opinion, unbalances the entire Committee. The UN accepts only "six changes," said the same source.

"I deeply regret what could not be achieved," added Staffan de Mistura, an Italian-Swedish diplomat who is due to leave his place in the coming days, after more than four years of mission for the UN , to a Norwegian diplomat, Geir Pedersen.

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"We have identified and put in place a base on which to build the following My successor has all the skills and the ability to work" on this subject, said the UN envoy.

"After looking at the names, the United Nations felt we would not be comfortable" to give them the UN imprimatur even though they do not fit "the criteria of credibility and necessary balance – hence the need for extra effort. "

The proposed list "requires revision", said Staffan de Mistura, who has been working for almost a year on this Constitutional Committee. "There is real progress, we have almost the list, the rules of procedure are a little clearer but we still have some way to go."

Triggered in March 2011, the crisis in Syria has already claimed more than 360,000 deaths, while more than half of the population has been displaced or has had to leave the country.

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