Diseased Palestinian prisoners: medical negligence in Israeli prisons

 Diseased Palestinian prisoners: medical negligence in Israeli prisons

RAMALLAH (Palestinian Territories) – The Palestinian Prisoners 'and Ex-Prisoners' Commission has denounced the medical negligence and delay in the treatment of sick or wounded Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

The commission said in a statement released by Palestinian news agency Wafa on Thursday that "the Israeli prison administration deliberately neglects to delay the medical treatment of prisoners, including the chronically ill."

Saif Al-Badw, 20, from the 'Shweikeh' suburb of Tulkarem with diabetes. "He is in the Israeli prison" Majiddo ", and was subjected to cruel interrogation at the" Al-Jalama "detention center, which aggravated his state of health".

The second prisoner Diab Nasser, 28, comes from the locality of Saffa in Ramallah. "He is suffering from a serious back problem and his condition has deteriorated after his arrest."

Another 28-year-old Sami Al-Haj, from Beit Rima, Ramallah, suffers from his left eye as a result of an injury he sustained prior to his arrest. He is suffering today, from the second eye after having lost sight at the level of the left eye.

The Wafa agency also said that another prisoner, Ziad Mohammad Shalaldeh, 45, "was transferred Wednesday to a hospital after being savagely assaulted by Israeli military forces during his arrest."

Palestinian prisoner lawyer Maamoun Al-Hashim, quoted by Wafa, said Shalaldeh of Ramallah, "was forbidden to meet his lawyer".

More than 1,500 Palestinian prisoners suffering from chronic diseases are victims of medical negligence in the prisons of the Israeli occupation, according to the Palestinian Prisoners' Club.

At the beginning of June, Palestinian officials called on international institutions to investigate the Israeli prisoner's policy of medical negligence against Palestinian sick detainees.

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